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PhotoFileDater is a clever little utility that will enable almost any jpg digital camera photo filename to be revised to start with the date and time when the photo was actually taken. Thus a photo file with the name DSC1234.jpg, taken at 9:46am on 25 August 2011, can become 2011-08-25-09-46 DSC1234.jpg

The filename can be replaced so that the date and time text is then followed by text of your own choosing. For example: 2011-08-25-09-46 Rio April May 2016.jpg

The utility offers an efficient way to sort all of your photos into chronological order. PhotoFileDater is ideal for creating photo libraries for your digital TV, digital photo display unit, i-device, Android device or personal tablet. The utility can rename jpg files created by most modern digital cameras.

The utility is especially useful when you have photos from several different cameras taken during the same trip. All of those trip photos can be renamed so that the file names start with the date and time, and thus displayed later in correct chronolgical order.

The utility also copes with the situation where the cameras used have different time settings. Example: Your digital camera is set to your home time zone, but your smartphone is timestamping its photos with the local time zone where the photos were taken.

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QPH File Processor

New: Version 3



The QPH File Processor utility will extract security and investment price information held within a Quicken® personal finance QPH file. Version 3 now capable of processing a QPH file of up to 100MB.

Export price data to a tab-delimited or comma-separated text file

Downloaded by many Quicken users since it was first published in 2007.

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Last updated: 27 June 2016